What’s the purpose of existence?!?!?

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Although the cosmos is certainly under no obligation to make sense to anyone, there is a great deal that the human intellect can come to know. For millennia scholars have been debating the nature of reality and the meaning of life. Along the way, psychologists, cosmologists, theologians, philosophers, and so many others have worked to understand many of the various different aspects of the world in which we live. This has generated a vast wealth of information, which syncretists like myself can then draw upon to better see the bigger picture. In this way, I have been led to the following conclusions.

There is a Supreme Being that exists before and beyond the local universe, in the bulk of hyperspace. As part of this, there is always at least one evolving universe within the multiverse, which God necessarily maintains. Each universe consists of both metaphysical and physical space, which can last for trillions of years at a time. Within this, psychological and physiological systems emerge as the souls and bodies of organisms. Thus, all lifeforms have both a corporeal and spiritual aspect to them.

Whenever a universe gets too old and finally decays, being unable to evolve any longer, the Supreme Being must then become involved with a new universe. In this way, involution leads to more evolution which leads to involution, ad infinitum. As part of this, nearly fourteen billion years ago, our universe began shortly after another one ended. That is to say, hyperspace gave rise to an eleven-dimensional superstructure. Topologically this consists of seven-dimensional metaphysical space on the interior portions, and three-dimensional physical space on the exterior portions. These are then bound together by one-dimensional time.

Ontologically, this dual arena sets the stage for intangible souls and tangible bodies, which can then serve as the vessels into which the Supreme Being can deliver itself. After death, the bodies of organisms all eventually disintegrate but their souls inevitably either reincarnate or liberate. Depending on the overall sufficiency of the collective merits and demerits that a person gains based on the kind of life they led, a metaphysical soul must either be reborn into a new physical body, or it can be returned to the source of all things in hyperspace if there is enough divinity to warrant it.

In the soteriological and eschatological senses, this freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth serves as a form of release through a kind of mystical emancipation. Thus the purpose of life would seem to be to become more like the Supreme Being in any and every possible way. As such, the pious pursuit of one’s own unique destiny would then be the key to becoming the right kind of person in life. Ultimately, this is all part of the process of Being Becoming through a being becoming. At the personal level this is simply about doing good and undoing bad. So, I guess the meaning of life is to find your calling in life and then to fulfill that destiny in the best way possible. As a result, this makes the greatness of God even greater.

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An Autodidact Polymath

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