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Sexuality, or the capacity for arousal and intercourse, can manifest in a few different ways. In the simple terms of logic, the choices are both, one or the other, or neither. This results in the various different preferential orientations. That is to say, someone can be bisexual, heterosexual or homosexual, or even asexual. In regards to this, there are a number of factors that can contribute to the determination of one’s sexuality, as such.

It’s weird, a set of twins can grow up in the same household and one of them can be straight and the other gay. There are just so many things to have to consider when trying to understand how this happens. For instance, the more that a developing hypothalamus is exposed to testosterone, the more likely that a baby will be to grow up to be romantically interested in females.

Numerous different things impact whether or not people will be attracted to each other or not, and why. There are so many ways in which this can all be expressed. A guy who identifies as bisexual may generally prefer sex with females over males, or vice-versa, or he might be attracted to both equally. Everyone is unique.

Sexual orientation exists along a kind of continuum, from exclusive attraction to the opposite sex to exclusive attraction to the same sex. Then, gender adds another layer onto this, and so on and so forth. For instance, someone can just be into masculine females. Ultimately, it’s all the result of a complex interplay between genetic, cultural, hormonal, environmental, and countless other influences all added together. Heritage can even have something to do with this, although it isn’t actually all that big of a factor.

Personal preferences usually exist independent of social and familial influences, but the open identification of one’s sexual orientation is unfortunately often hindered by certain settings. In many countries it is still illegal to engage in homosexual relationships and in many more homes all around the world homosexuality is seen as being immoral. Nonetheless, this can’t change the way that people really feel about each other.

Humans are hardwired for the passionate expression of burning desires that often result in lustful behaviors toward others. Some of us feel it towards men and some toward women, and that’s really all it is. This can even change over time, or only express itself occasionally. It all depends. With that in mind, and given all of this to be true, it can be very difficult to actually determine what defines sexuality. So, maybe it’s best just not to try.

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