The Reincarnation and Liberation of Souls

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Based on the overall needs of existence, the cosmos is set up in such a way that there are three different kinds of space. Of these, hyperspace is the domain of the Supreme Being, metaphysical space is the domain of the soul, and physical space is the domain of the body. Therefore, the dimensions of hyperspace constitute the multiverse, while the dimensions of physical and metaphysical space constitute the universe. In this way, there is an infinite multiverse and a finite universe within it.

As part of this, each universe serves as a single lifetime for God, often lasting trillions of years from start to finish. In this way the Being Becoming is reborn from one life to the next, through the evolution and involution of universes. Also, in this way the physical plane of existence serves as the body of God, while the metaphysical plane serves as the soul. That is to say, the Oversoul. This is then reflected in the existence of a being becoming, like that of a human. Thus, the Oversoul is itself a composite of countless souls.

In line with this, after a person dies their mortal body will disintegrate. Then, their immortal soul will either reincarnate or liberate, depending on the collective merits and demerits they earned in life. In other words, a soul will either couple with a new body after a certain period of time, or it will be allowed to remain in the presence of God forever. That is to say, liberation allows a soul to reintegrate with the Oversoul. This then results in boundless eternal peace.

In contrast, anytime that liberation is not achieved reincarnation is required. Typically speaking, it often takes somewhere between a couple months and a couple years for a person to reincarnate in human form. Although, it is very important to understand that the process can happen much sooner or take substantially longer, depending on the various different conditions and circumstances that might apply. Regardless, in general the average time between human lives is roughly about a year.

Of course, as I said there are numerous factors that can contribute to this. For one thing, each and every afterlife review is different. Invariably, whenever someone dies the cosmos will inevitably process the life of that individual. This phenomenon then leads to a big picture point of view, revealing all that one has ever done. That incredibly intense experience recounts past events and even looks toward the possible futures that could result from what one has done. The event also causes the individual to witness the effects of their most recent life from other relevant perspectives and not just their own.

After that, it can take a while for a disembodied soul and whatever spiritual guides the person might have to determine what their next incarnation should be. People are not alone in the afterlife, so dearly departed loved ones can actually make recommendations about who someone should become. This might include someone’s ancestors as well as those who have achieved godhood like the Buddha. After all the Supreme Being is the ultimate omnist.

Either way, the point is that other souls usually help to reveal how and why a particular destiny might be the most suitable to someone in their next life. Ultimately though, in the end everyone must choose their own fate. Then, when the time is right someone finally meets their new parents to aid in the formation of another body. That is unless they get to stay in Heaven with God and Jesus and all of the other righteous souls.

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