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It’s very difficult to describe what it’s like to be a plant, but I will do my best. As far as I know, all plants perceive their environment and react to it in order to live. This means they have to make the right decisions in order to survive. Of course, it’s important to understand that botanical experiences are not quite the same thing as mammalian experiences. Flora just sees things differently than fauna.

With self-preservation being so vital, most herbs get really nervous when herds of herbivores grow too large. Luckily for them, they have learned just what to do about it. A threatened plant will gladly kill a gluttonous animal to save its own life, by poisoning it. Once the agony of being eaten alive sets in after grazers have consumed far too much, the pain becomes alarmingly unbearable and the poor creature cries out in horror and releases one or more highly evolved toxins.

This is important because much like people, plants interact in complex social ways, by competing and cooperating with one another among numerous other things. The difference is that they communicate with each other through the gas in the air and the water in the ground, by way of their leaves and roots. So, for instance, if a plant is being over-grazed and is near others it will send out a chemical message to its neighbors and they will all become incredibly fearful for about an hour after the incident.

The thing is that plants aren’t necessarily as solitary and sedentary as most people think. Unbeknownst to many, they actually display a wide and rich range of feeding and breeding behaviors. As part of this, flora generally lives much longer and moves far more slowly than fauna. Think about it, trees can wait centuries to be born and then live millennia before they die.

In the process of it all, plants come to depend on each other more and more. Many even use kin recognition to engage in nepotism, although they do practice various forms of altruism as well. Mother trees even nurture their own seedlings and saplings. It’s quite remarkable actually. There’s a surprisingly great deal of social interaction that takes place among the various vegetation in the different communities of greenery that grow across the planet.

In addition to this, plants are extremely patient and persistent creatures. This is because, trees perceive time differently from tigers. So, verdure isn’t really all that quick witted. Nonetheless, the mind of a plant is constantly screening for at least a couple dozen different parameters of the environment. This then represents the full range of possible awareness that is achievable in the mind of that organism, although very little of it is ever actually conscious thought.

It’s worth noting that the kingdoms of life all process sensory data and integrate it in roughly the same manner, they often just work with different sets of information during experiential phenomena. Shrubs can determine how they are oriented in space by detecting things like sunlight and the pull of gravity toward the center of the Earth. They are also excellent water diviners. As a result, they can make decisions based on a great deal of knowledge, much of which is specific to them.

As you might suspect, plants learn from the world and retain memories about it slightly different than animals do. However, both have had ancestral instincts passed down through the collective unconscious of their kind. Bushes can even construct and retain a sense of identity which persists for days at a time. So, for instance, by cutting a branch off of a tree it will retain a phantom limb for at least a week. The point is that plants feel pain and pleasure, just like any other life-form. On top of that, they heal rather slowly.

So, although it is technically different to be a plant than it is to be a person, it’s not really all that different when you get right down to it. Vegetation even sleeps to dream. Similar to animals, plants have a sleeping and waking life, with their own circadian rhythms. The subconscious states that come from this are critical to the restoration of their minds and bodies. Without dreams, plants just wilt and die.

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