The Color Red

Homage to a Particular Pigment

The visible spectrum of light
Sunset along the shore of Lake Superior
Jupiter’s great red spot
The planet Mars
Ming dynasty lacquerware
Neanderthal face paint
Red face paint in Africa
Red face paint in North America
Red face paint in Papua New Guinea
75,000-year-old engraved ochre
A handprint in northern Spain
South African cave art
Brazilian cave art
European shamanic cave art
Minoan pillars in Knossos
Mesoamerican facade
The doors of a gothic cathedral
A section of stained glass
The Disrobing of Christ
A red bindi dot
A red sari garment
Bridal Mehendi henna designs
Text from a Middle Age manuscript
Catholic cardinals
Netherland rooftops
Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (1888)
Suicide (1916)
Head: Red Light (1926)
Sylvia von Harden (1926)
Study for the Homage to the Square (1972)
Blood Mirror
Red eyeshadow and lipstick
The Coke logo
The Ancient Roman Republic flag
The People’s Republic of China flag

An Eclectic Autodidact Polymath Essayist

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