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The world of drug users and abusers is populated by tweekers and trippers, alike. Seemingly unbeknownst to many, this leads to very distinct peer groups with totally separate lifestyles. As part of the larger overall scene, psychedelia is a unique subculture that specifically centers on the experiences produced by hallucinogenic and entheogenic substances, leading to positive self-expression. There are all sorts of art forms, including songs and paintings, that reflect this. The whole point that I’m trying to make is that it’s all about the mind-manifesting power of psychedelics.

Unlike opioids which inevitably lead to increased depression among users by dulling the body, psychedelics lead to increased elation by sharpening the mind. This is why getting spun out on meth diminishes the humanity of a tweeker. That’s why it makes sense for something like heroin to be illegal, but not mescaline. Junkies are definitely a threat to themselves and others. More importantly, it isn’t possible to consistently and responsibly consume cocaine, but it is possible to do this with magic mushrooms. So, in reality, these are mutually exclusive counterculture movements. One is a path toward illness, the other wellness. That’s why I really only advocate the use of the latter.

The scheduling of all of these controlled substances in similar classes is absolutely erroneous. The thing is that the ruling elites know that the stark divisions in social status cannot be maintained without sufficiently subservient masses, so they prevent expanded awareness and free thought. As a result of this, the partially misguided attempts of governments only focus on the freedom from being poisoned by pushers, but they ignore the freedom we should all have to search the soul. Everyone should have sovereignty over their own states of consciousness, to that extent. Private intoxication should not be illicit, but that’s not the world we live in.

It’s so inhumane to criminalize something like marijuana, which can add a spiritual component to one’s life. On top of adding more meaning to life, psychedelics don’t even lead to dependence. In fact, they can actually be used therapeutically to put an end to addiction. That’s why it is an absolutely unforgivable sin to keep entheogens away from people. Part of the human birthright is to commune with the divine, and the most reliable way of doing this is with hallucinogens. We are all filled to the brim with extra-neurological potential, but we idle on the mundane setting of ordinary waking states. It is impossible to know thyself fully in that limited way.

Psychedelics are what nature intends on us to use to override negative self-narration and it’s why those drugs are often far more effective than psychiatry sessions administered in conjunction with prescription pharmaceuticals. Regardless of what most contemporary doctors are doing, lots of people are still getting really sick because entheogens and empathogens are the kinds of medicine that people actually need. To better cope with the diseased world, society must normalize psychedelia to deal with all the disorders. In many ways, hallucinogens are the only hope for humanity.

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