Is God an author?

I don’t doubt that God inspired many if not all of the sacred texts in the world. I just think that the Vedas, Tao Te Ching, Bible, Qur’an, and all the other great works were written by people, not the Supreme Being. Think of it like this, if Allah spoke to the archangel Gabriel who then spoke to the prophet Muhammad who then told his companions which eventually wrote it down, then the Qur’an is not the direct word of God. The point is that the Supreme Being didn’t write it, or any other book for that matter. Along with this, contrary to the standard narrative in Judaism and Christianity, Moses did not write the Old Testament in the 13th century BCE. After all, his death and funeral are described in Deuteronomy, so there’s no way he could have written about that because he was dead. The Torah is really the result of numerous amalgamations and revisions of both oral and written accounts from various different sources over time. This is all based on a mix of historical and mythological events, tracing back to a real exodus in which the Israelites encountered the Midianites. They lived in the desert of southern Canaan and worshiped God in the form of a deity named YHW (pronounced yah-hoo). Thus, in the year 1275 BCE, Moses began to call God YHWH (pronounced yah-way), and with the recognition of Yahweh as the Supreme Being, Judaism was born.

Now, given that there were dozens of authors who contributed to the Bible, it’s much easier for me to just focus on the development of the Old Testament, specifically the “Pentateuch”, in order to properly explain what I’m talking about. As far as I can tell there were at least four authors and one editor who created Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Here’s what really happened. In the middle of the 10th century before the Common Era, after the rise of Israel, a noblewoman in Judah wrote down the best-known versions of the “Creation”, “Flood”, “Covenant”, and “Sodom and Gomorrah” stories. Then, she presented this to the king and his royal court at Solomon’s Temple, known as the “House of Yahweh”. As part of the first draft of the Torah, in a clever political move, she spoke very favorably of the royal family. Then, in the 8th century before the Common Era, not long before the fall of Israel, an ancient Israelite priest wrote about God as Elohim rather than Yahweh. Plus, he despised the royal family. So, each of these authors left their own unique mark on history. In the 7th century, yet another priest in Judah added more to the story. Then in the 6th century before the Common Era a Babylonian priest wrote something else. Finally in the 4th century before the Common Era, the Old Testament started to take on a recognizable form when the editor put together the final draft of the Torah.

This is not to say that the Bible isn’t important, just that God didn’t write it. In fact, knowing that several people wrote it generations apart helps to explain the different versions of the tales and all the inconsistencies. Of course, just because Lao Tzu didn’t really write the Tao Te Ching that doesn’t mean a thing. The sacred texts are still incredibly important religious documents, no matter where they came from. These are the cornerstones of our faith for good reason. I for one am glad that these great works exist, regardless of who made them and why. I just think it’s interesting to know the truth, whatever it may be. So, don’t get me wrong, if the Metatron or any other “Voice of God” ever tells you something, then, by all means, please write it down verbatim. Just be careful about how you present it to everyone afterward. I mean think about it, countless people throughout history have died as a consequence of this very thing, believing their scriptures to be orthodoxy and all other texts to be heresy. Ultimately, the point is that the Great Spirit isn’t an author and we would all do well to understand that. This isn’t just semantics, it pertains to one of the most controversial and influential concepts ever conceived. So, with that in mind, the whole point that I’m trying to make is that people write books, not the Supreme Being.



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