Extraterrestrial and Extra-Dimensional Entities

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Wherever life can exist it does or eventually will. So, the only places that organisms are not found are those regions which actually prevent the formation or perpetuation of life. There are countless planets in the local universe that harbor life. Many of these contain complex organisms. A few even have intelligent life. Unfortunately, this isn’t what people mean when they’re thinking about if aliens are real or not. What they really want to know is something more like do people get abducted or were the Egyptian gods really extraterrestrials or something like that. Well, then, the answer is probably no. The universe is absolutely massive and everything is so very far apart that it takes too long to get anywhere. So, intergalactic travel seems highly unlikely, at least from our limited technological perspective. Now that doesn’t prove anything, but I’m willing to wager that highly intelligent lifeforms are few and far between. Do aliens exist? Undoubtedly. Have they traveled through outer space?? Maybe. Would they come to Earth??? I highly doubt it, but you never know. The thing is that, in 1964, Nikolai Kardashev defined three levels of civilization, based on the order of magnitude of power they could harness. According to his theory, a type 1 civilization can make use of all the energy that makes its way to a planet from its parent star. A type 2 civilization is thought to be able to harness all of the energy radiated by its own star. Kardashev hypothesized that a type 3 civilization would gain access to the energy provided by the luminosity of an entire galaxy. Moreover, it’s theoretically conceivable that the extent to which a society has colonized a region of the cosmos is another reasonable metric by which to evaluate a civilization, along with energy consumption. This leads to the same kind of scale that Kardashev proposed, but includes extra orders of magnitude:

TYPE 0 (National)

TYPE 1 (Global)

TYPE 2 (Stellar)

TYPE 3 (Galactic)

TYPE 4 (Universal)

TYPE 5 (Cosmic)

Based on this model, type 0 beings have access to different countries, type 1 have access to other planets, type 2 have access to different solar systems, type 3 have access to other galaxies, type 4 would have access to separate universes, and type 5 could even gain access to the entire multiverse. For now, though, you presently live in a type 0 civilization, although we are on our way to type 1. The world-renowned physicist Michio Kaku has indicated that humanity might attain this status within a century or two. Given the orders of magnitude involved, scientists speculate that it will take thousands of years to reach type 2 and millions of years for people to achieve a type 3 civilization. Trillions of years from now, our species could even evolve into beings that are so far removed from us that we can only imagine what our descendants will actually be like. In my youth, I became fascinated with Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek character “Q” portrayed by John de Lancie. This fictional being is unconstrained by and possesses immeasurable power over, the laws of physics, being able to violate or alter them at will. In the show, Q is part of a race of beings that have gained access to other dimensions, as a type 5 civilization. Think about it. We know what can happen after several billion years of evolution, but what about several trillion? Given that other universes could exist alongside ours in the bulk of hyperspace, it’s possible that some of them could be much older. This would mean that life could have adapted into something nearly incomprehensible in remote space-time continua, compared to the terrestrial creatures with which we are accustomed. Moreover, since nothing inherently precludes the existence of such organisms, I would like to theorize about the possible nature of these hypothetical extra-dimensional beings and their extraterrestrial heritage. Assuming that anthropic life always arises in a universe, there must be inhabitants in every sufficiently developed space-time. Some of these will have developed into mutants and cyborgs of every conceivable variety, leading to outrageous aliens like Lovecraft’s Cthulhu character or Hubbard’s Xenu. However, I am much more interested in extra-dimensional entities like Rodenberry’s Q, than with extraterrestrials like these. I’m talking about things like the archangel Gabriel, not the alien Klaatu. The point is that, as beings become more and more advanced, there would seem to be no limit on what they could eventually turn into. Nonetheless, laws of physics and other factors tend to significantly limit this potential. There is only so much that can ever happen, even in a totally different universe from our own. The question is, can godlike beings emerge given a sufficient amount of time? If so, what kind of abilities could they actually possess? The wetware contained in the cranium of an earthling is only the product of a few hundred million years of evolution. What will we be like a few hundred billion years from now, provided we remain extant that long? I can barely even imagine what trillions of years of progress could accomplish, but I am very curious about the possibility of highly advanced beings in other worlds far removed from our own. Do they observe us, or even interact with us in some way? More importantly, are they trying to communicate with us???

If hyper-intelligent life-forms tried to contact us, we might not ever even realize that they are saying something. Although, I imagine that they could just sort of telepathically relay information to us or upload data into our brains or whatever. Who knows, maybe they can only speak to our subconscious minds, reaching out to people in their dreams or something like that. Then again, we would probably be so primitive compared to them that it would be like a person trying to have a conversation with a rock. The point is that we shouldn’t just be dismissive outright. However, if there are type 2 or 3 extraterrestrials out there, then why haven’t we seen them? Better yet, if the ancient alien theorists are to be taken seriously, then why haven’t aliens ever come back? Now, what about a type 5 civilization angel, rather than a type 4 alien. Hypothetically speaking, cosmic scale multiversal extra-dimensional entities, could exist. After all, hyperspace does make up a realm where they can dwell, and their identities can take over our bodies through invocations. The gods and goddesses, and maybe the angels all have ontological status as spiritual beings. Of course, if extra-dimensional beings can perform miracles like in Biblical accounts, then why don’t angels still do miraculous things? At the same time, my encounters with otherworldly beings like the Peruvian animistic goddess Mother Ayahuasca have actually led me to believe that extra-dimensional entities might very well be real. Think about it. Are the orishas of Santeria actual beings like they claim? After all, I have seen a few possessions that seemed really convincing, but I have never been possessed myself. As much as I would love to make contact, and have tried relentlessly, I think it may have all been in vain. Regardless, I will never stop looking for extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional entities for as long as I live. Just because I haven’t really had too many personal experiences with otherworldly beings, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I have definitely seen some things that have made me think twice about what I was seeing. I have conjured a variety of things with ancient spells and visited higher planes with hallucinogenic drugs, and so much more. More importantly, I strongly encourage you to search far and wide for distant forms of consciousness as well.

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An Autodidact Polymath

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