A List of Clever Jokes

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On the Neurology of Gamma Brainwaves and the Psychology of Peak Experiences

The Godfather of Philosophy

(“Alcibiades Being Taught by Socrates” by Francois Andre Vincent)

A Reservoir of Qualia that Connects Us All

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Yale’s Most Notorious Secret Society

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Two of the spiritual movements that challenged Catholicism


In Classical Antiquity, amid the birth of the Western occult tradition, during the 1st century, in an age of radical religious revolutions in Roman-occupied Egypt, both Hermeticism and Gnosticism emerged alongside what was becoming Catholicism. Since then, the two spiritual movements have often been thought of as being the same thing, although they have very different approaches to life. Nonetheless, both Hermetic Christians and Gnostic Christians were seen as heretics by Catholic Christians. …

The Search for Spirituality in Certain Shapes and Sizes

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Aleister Crowley’s Bible for the Thelemites

Wisdom of the ages, passed on by sages

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The Domains of Metaphysical and Physical Phenomena

(Bond of Union by M. C. Escher in 1956)

Joshua Hehe

An Autodidact Polymath

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