On the Neurology of Gamma Brainwaves and the Psychology of Peak Experiences

Proof that Plato’s Dialogues are both Historical and Allegorical

(Image Credit: Rocio Espin Pinar/ArtStation)

Identifying Every Different Kind of Atom that Could Theoretically Exist in the Local Universe

The Lore You’ve Never Heard Before

(Source: Getty Images)

The Happiest Most Peaceful Apes on Earth

“The truth is out there.”

The Art of Precious Scars

Is there a viable (set of) solution(s) to the “hard problem”?

Image Source: Vsauce

The Most Influential Magical Secret Society in Modern Times

(William Wynn Westcott, William Robert Woodman, and Samuel Liddell Mathers by Travis Simpkins)

A Post-Modern Post-Materialist Meta-Analysis of Cardiac Coherence and the Teleology of the Central Chakra

(Source: The HeartMath Institute)

Joshua Hehe

An Eclectic Autodidact Polymath Writer and Researcher

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